November 18, 2014

DIY Washer Necklaces

All princesses love jewelry, really who doesn't? The only thing more fun than wearing jewelry is making jewelry. My Princesses and Little Ladies all made washer necklaces today. These easy creations are perfect for birthday party crafts, BFF gifts, Christmas gifts or just to make for themselves.

Most of the items needed to create these necklaces are probably already sitting around your house. All you need are some metal washers, we happened to have two sizes (though I can't tell you what sizes, they were the ones sitting in the plastic tub in the garage), fun colored nail polish, some ribbon and wax paper.

Place some wax paper on the table to protect it. And unlike regular paper, the wet washers won't stick as much. 

Then let your Little Ladies go to town painting the washers with the nail polish. I prefer using nail polish over paint, because there are more sparkly options and it gives the necklaces a shine that paint just can't achieve.

Once the nail polish is dry use a piece of ribbon to create your necklace chain.

My Princesses and Little Ladies had so much fun making these and I enjoyed listening to them talk about who they were giving each necklace to as a gift. I do love these generous girls. 


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