February 28, 2012

Small Lollipop Decorations

Lollipop, lollipop oh lolly lolly...

No Sweet Shoppe themed birthday party would be complete without lollipop decorations all around the house.

Materials needed:
- Styrofoam circles (found at the dollar store in 2 packs)
- Wooden dowels (cut the dowel in half making 2 sticks per dowel)
- Colorful Tissue Paper
- Cellophane
- Ribbon
- Tape

Step 1: Cut your tissue paper so it will easily wrap around the styrofoam circle without being too bulky. And cut the sheets of cellophane in half. (1 half sheet will cover 1 lollipop.)

Step 2: Wrap the tissue paper around the styrofoam circle and secure with tape.

Step 3: Stick the dowel into the styrofoam circle.

Step 4: Cover the lollipop with cellophane and secure with a ribbon.

I made six of these lollipops for around $5.00 and they took less than 20 minutes to make.

These lollipop decorations are perfect for grouping together creating a bouquet, or sticking in plants to add a little whimsy. Ways to decorate with them are only as limited as your imagination. These fun little Lollipops were my favorite decorations at Princess E's party.

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