February 28, 2012

DIY Cupcake Stand

Birthday's just aren't birthday's without cupcakes. And putting cupcakes on a plain old plate isn't very fun. For Princess E's birthday party I wanted my cupcakes to be part of the decorations. I made these really easy and very inexpensive customized cupcake stands for only $3.00 each (minus the spray paint).

All of the materials needed to create these can be found at your local dollar store, with the exception of the spray paint and liquid nails, for these items I just checked my garage. 

To start you will need a set of burner covers, a small glass vase, and a candle holder. 

Spray paint the burner covers, vase and candle holder the colors you want. Don't be afraid to have fun with colors. 

Once the spray paint is dry, use the liquid nails to glue the pieces together.

As soon as everything is dry, place cupcakes on the stand, and you will have a whimsical focal piece for your dessert table. Guests will be amazed that you did it on your own, and that it only cost $3.00. 

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