February 22, 2012

Princess E Turns One

I can't believe it's already been a year since our newest family member arrived. Princess E turned one this month. What better way to celebrate all of the many milestones in her short life, than by throwing a first birthday bash. 

My sweet little one year old had a candy/sweet shoppe themed party. Having a themed party allowed me to get my craft on and make a lot of the decorations and food. By making this a DIY party, I was able to throw this birthday bash for less than $100, and we had about 40 guests.

Homemade decorations included:

Lollipop decorations for outside - 6 of them for $7.00

Lollipop decorations for inside - 6 of them for $5.00

Cupcake Stands - 2 of them for $3.00 each, plus spray paint

Gumball Machines - 2 of them for $3.00 each, plus spray paint

All of these decorations were incredibly easy to make and didn't take a lot of time. The most time consuming step was waiting for the paint to dry. Everything, including baking and decorating the cake, took less than one full day. For less than one day of work and less than $100, I was able to throw one sweet party for my princess.

Instructions on how to make your own decorations to come...

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