January 15, 2012

Winter Yarn Wreath

Now that the holidays are over and the Christmas decorations are put away, my door looked a little boring and sad. I was wandering through mu local arts and crafts store the other day and stumbled on everything I needed to make a wreath to cheer up my depressed front door, and it was all on sale. How could I pass this opportunity up? I've seen a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, it couldn't be hard or take long to create a yarn wreath right? This is where I was wrong. It's an easy project, but boy does it take some time. 

To start out, you will need: a wreath form, yarn, hot glue, and accessories to glitz up your wreath.

My supplies cost about $12.00. Not a bad price for a wreath. 

Once you have gathered the supplies to make your wreath, you start by wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. This is the time consuming step. I recommend starting this step while the babies are napping, and you need to kill two hours. In fact this is a great time to pop in a movie and get comfy. Once you start you can't stop until it's done. Perhaps I should have thought it through a little more when I started this project. 

Fast forward two hours and your wreath is starting to look wonderful. However, at this point you may be more interested in tossing it out the door, rather than hanging it on it. But don't, you will have wasted two hours and have nothing to show for it. Trust me, it will be worth it. 

Once you get your base layer of yarn on the wreath form, use another color to wrap around the wreath. Then wrap the color the opposite way around the wreath to create these fun little X's.

Next add some bling. Lay the accessories out to get an idea of what you want where, then once you have everything right where you want them it's time to use some hot glue and stick them in place. 

Viola! You have a  wreath, that was totally worth the time. I'm already planning my next one... Sorry Mr. M. 

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