January 1, 2012

Bird Seed Wreath

It's wintertime in Michigan, what better time to feed the birds. Making a bird seed wreath is a functional, inexpensive, and kid friendly way to do this. Princess B (my four year old) helped me with this project. 

To start you will need:
4 cups of Wild Bird Seed
4 Packets of Unflavored Gelatin 
2 Cups of Water
1 Ice Ring/Jello Mold or any other pan with a hole in the middle.

 Empty the packets of unflavored gelatin into a pan. Add the water and place on the stove. - Princess B helped with this step!

Heat mixture until the gelatin is dissolved and just comes to a boil.  

Add bird seed and mix together. - Princess B thought it was a gooey mess.

Pour mixture into Jello Mold. 

Place Jello Mold into the refrigerator for at least two hours. We left ours in over night, just to be sure. 

Once the wreath has hardened, tie a ribbon around the wreath, hang on a tree and wait for the hungry birds to find it and enjoy. 

Tip: don't use wired ribbon, as it may cut into the wreath.


  1. This looks really simple and easy to make. Much better than buying one. Nice job!

  2. We are making this today! I do not have a jello mold so I'm using a larger pan with a smaller bowl in the middle to make my ring.

  3. Jill - How did using a large pan and small bowl work?