January 25, 2012

Recipe Exchange Party

Lets face it, women love to get together and have a good time. But sometimes, we need a little excuse to make time in our busy schedules to do it. One inexpensive, and fun way to get the neighbors out of their houses is to host a Recipe Exchange Party. 

A Recipe Exchange Party is a party where you exchange recipes. Everyone who attends brings either an appetizer, main dish, or a dessert along with copies of the recipe to share with everyone. In addition everyone also brings copies of two additional recipes to share. The idea is that by the end of party, you leave with essentially a new cook book, and you will have already sampled a third of the recipes in it. 

As a Recipe Exchange Party hostess, all you need to provide are: your own dish and recipes to share, beverages, plates, napkins, silverware, and index cards for guests to write what their dish is. You can go as simple or as elaborate as you like. 

I also created stations, individual areas for beverages, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. 

While your guests are enjoying the food, sort though the recipes your guests provided and create a packet of the recipes for each guest.

This is a really fun and inexpensive party, and a great way to get together with your girlfriends and try some new recipes.


  1. Great ideas. Plan to organize a party.

    1. Thanks! It's a lot of fun. Let me know how yours turns out.