March 25, 2012

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter is an egg-citing time of year. (Yes I know I'm cheesy) To celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring I decided to create an Easter egg themed wreath.

 The materials needed for this wreath are:
- 1 Metal Wreath Form
- Several bags of plastic Easter eggs (I used almost 100 eggs)
- Hot Glue
- Ribbon
- Crystal punch bowl and fabulous cardboard box (optional)

Start by hot gluing the Easter eggs to the wreath form in one line, going in the same direction. For the second line I alternated the direction of the eggs.

Once the second row of eggs are glued to the wreath form, start covering the open spaces with with eggs, covering all of the holes.

When you are finished with the wreath, tie a ribbon at the top and hang it on your front door and admire your work.

This project took about a half hour (or about as long as it took Mr. M to get out of the shower for our date) and cost roughly $10.

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