August 22, 2012

Caterpillar to Butterfly Craft

The easiest way to do crafts with kids are to tie them into a book. I like to start by choosing a book to read to the lords, ladies and princesses of my little castle. Today we chose to read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. When we finished reading the book, we made our very own caterpillars that turned into butterflies. 

The materials we used for this craft are:
- Paper (for the butterfly wings)
- Pom Poms
- Clothes Pins
- Glue
- Crayons or Markers
- Scissors

The first thing Princess B and Lady A created were their caterpillars. To do this they glued pom poms to the clothes pins.

While their caterpillars dried, they cut out the wings for their butterfly. I used a cup to trace around to draw 4 circles, I then drew a wing shape around the circles with marker to show them where to cut.

Once the wings were cut out Princess B and Lady A decorated the wings with markers and crayons.

Princess B colored her wings, while Lady A made designs. Either option is perfectly acceptable and equally beautiful.

Once the wings were ready, take the caterpillar and clip it to the wings to create a beautiful butterfly.

This book and themed craft project took about 5 minutes to prep and kept the girls busy for about a half hour. This project also helped them with their dexterity and hand strength by squeezing the glue onto the pom pom, sticking the pom pom to the clothes pin, cutting with scissors, coloring with markers and squeezing the clothes pin onto the paper. 

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